Quilting is my passion,   always had a love of fabric and made many of my clothes thru high school… made my wedding gown!

My first quilt I made was for college… had no idea about the quilting process…. just cut out squares and went at it….    That quilt comes to quilt camp with me even now 40 years later!  Made from scraps of my own and from anywhere I could find them ….

My next adventure in quilting was in 1990 after finishing a masters degree in engineering while working full time.  I took my first quilting class and have been hooked ever since!

I joined a local quilt guild  (Champlain Valley Quilt Guild) in 2000 when my son went to college.  As they prepared for their show and asked for members to enter quilts I wanted to participate only to discover that all entries had to be quilted (up to this point all my quilts were tied).   So began my introduction to machine quilting.

I brought my quilts to a longarm quilter  The things she could do! And how wonderful the quilts looked!  I wanted to be able to do that for my own quilts….

In 2005 my dear husband convinced me to purchase a Gammill longarm. (to learn more about what a longarm is… click on  “So What is a Longarm” from my menu)

Any longarm quilter will tell you you need to PPP to build up your skills (practice, practice, practice!)   So true…. and I can’t possibly piece enough quilts on my own to get that kind of practice……

What to do?  Start a quilting business and quilt for others!   So this is how my quilting business started….    and at this point and over 1500 customer quilts later I can’t imagine not having this craft as a part of my life  (and my husband would say it’s a BIG part of my life….. which it is!!!)

The adventure continues as I have recently invested in a computerized system (the IntelliQuilter) which will enable me to add even more creativity to my quilting!  I can now combine the skills in free-motion quilting I have acquired to date with digitized designs and a little help from my IQ system.

I look forward to growing my business and sharing my experiences in quilting with others!